Friday, June 29, 2007

Gillian Welch - Time (the Revelator)

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I fell in love with Gillian Welch when I first heard Paper Wings on a compilation album. That drove me to immediately buy her first - and in my opinion, still best - album, "Revival," which I recommend you pick up first if, after listening to this video of

  1. She collects handmade shoeshine kits.
  2. In high school, Welch made the all-state team for the mile and was invited to run in the national trials.
  3. She was accepted to Princeton, but went to U.C. Santa Cruz instead.
  4. She played in a Goth band called, "Penny Dreadful," as well as in a campy `70s retro band under the stage name, Oprah Van Sofa.
All four facts from Alec Wilkinson's profile of Welch and Rawlings, "THE GHOSTLY ONES," in The New Yorker, September 20, 2004, which is well worth reading if you can locate it.

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Loren Philip said...

Penny Dreadful!!!! Yeah Gillian played bass in Penny Dreadful at UCSC. I was the singer... she was great, very moody and even wrote a couple of our songs.