Monday, May 5, 2008

Alison Brown Quartet with John Doyle and Tim O'Brien

May is bluegrass month, among a lot of other things celebrated at this time of year. So here's a video which combines bluegrass, Celtic, and American folk music.

It's from the ABC club, Glasgow, during Celtic Connections 2008. It's only a minute long clip but gives an idea of the great energy and fine music these people create. The Greencards were the opening act, equally fine and a really good idea for a double bill (I had the good fortune to be there, seated not far from whoever shot this video).

The song they are playing is called Jack Dolan or The Wild Colonial Boy, and John Doyle has recorded it on his album Wayward Son. That's John on guitar, Alison Brown on banjo, Tim O'Brien on mandolin, Joe Craven on fiddle, Garry West on bass, John R Burr on keyboards...and I know I'm forgetting somebody.

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