Monday, July 16, 2007

Carolyn Hester - Come Back Baby

From Carolyn Hester, with Bob Dylan accompanying on harmonica

"...I wanted to choose very carefully the musicians that I was going to use.... So I decided to have Bruce Langhorne, who had been playing a few gigs with me, on guitar, and Bill Lee -- who was Spike Lee's father -- on bass, who I'd heard on several Odetta recordings.

"My dad had played harmonica on my first recordings on Coral Records and so I decided to have a harmonica player too -- who would be Dylan. So we arranged a meeting..."

"Was this at Suze and Carla Rotolo's apartment?"

"Uh-huh. And it was there that he taught me Come Back Baby...."

"Did he suggest any other songs?"

I mainly just remember that one. But look at what I had him do on the record -- he did Swing and Turn Jubilee, a real hoe-down thing, and then I'll Fly Away, religious, and then a blues...."

Carolyn Hester interview by John Bauldie - The Telegraph, May 24, 1992

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kerry dexter said...

Carolyn's voice is an acquired tase for some, I know. I acquired it early on. Also she was from Texas, and all the other musical greats of the time seemed to be from the north -- that spoke to the southern kid I was when I first heard her.

She's still going strong these days, too, and still sounds great. And is still a really funny and gracious lady as well.