Monday, August 6, 2007

Bob Dylan - Positively 4th Street Unreleased Video Promo

I haven't researched this one thoroughly, but the original poster claims it to be an unreleased video originally created to promote Dylan's single release of Positively 4th Street. Since that single was released in 1965, the first thought to occur to me was, "a promo for where?" What venue would Columbia possibly have used this for in 1965? Certainly not television. For a sales meeting? It looks more like a promo for either Don't Look Back, or even No Direction Home, as most of the visuals appear to be from the 1965 tour, and it appears way too modern to have been released in `65. The opening few seconds are Dylan doing a sound check of Tell Me, Mama in an empty hall, which looks like it's direct from the Manchester Free Trade concert.

In any case, it's a somewhat weird, even creepy, video, with near-hysterical Beatlesque-type fans, people noting their distaste for Dylan, people claiming to be friends of Dylan, one person claiming to be Dylan. A pretty accurate reflection of that insane time, I would guess, but understandable why it was shelved if it's real.

More on this as I come across it

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pamela hitchins said...

Creepy, in a way, but worth it to see and hear young Bob and be reminded of what he had to put up with.