Saturday, August 4, 2007

455 Rocket: Kathy Mattea

Several posts back, Fred told us of his respect for singer and songwriter Gillian Welch.. Country Grammy winner Kathy Mattea also likes Welch’s writing. Mattea, who’s been known to sing deeply serious, thoughtful material, also thinks songs which make make you laugh are just as important, and she’s recorded a few of those, including this video of Welch’s 455 Rocket. Embedding has been turned off but you may view that here.
Welch and David Rawlings join Mattea for the video.

On the more serious side, Mattea’s current project, due out in early 2008, is a CD of coal mining songs, which bring together the West Virginia native's love of music, family history, and concern for the environment. More on this project, called simply Coal, at her website.


fhb said...

I'll need to listen to that interview. Couldn't find a track listing on her site for the upcoming "Coal" CD (great concept that), but I hope she'll include "Dark as a Dungeon," one of my all-time favorites.

kerry dexter said...

she hasn't published a final track listing but that is one of the songs she's recorded. it's one of my favorites too, as is another she plans to include, billy edd wheeler's coal tatoo. it's a good interview and she sings some songs too.